Faryal Ali: UMT

I am currently studying architecture at University of Management and Technology. I am quick learner and a keen observer of how people interact with their natural and social environment. Analyzing this ‘interaction’ is crucial for an architecture design project and I hope to use these skills in the LVS.


Khadija Akbar: UMT

I am khadija Akbar studying architecture at University of Management and Technology, Lahore. I am a goal oriented and an ambitious person. I like to travel and explore new places. Studying different cultures and book reading are one of my interests. I look forward to enhance and explore my skills by participating in this workshop.

Ahsan Ali: NCA

Ahsan Ali Khan is a recent graduate of National College of Arts and did Bachelors in Architecture, graduated with honors in January-2016. He joined the forthcoming University of Culture and Art as a lecturer/researcher and also does freelance work of design and graphics projects. He has been performing on stage, producing and designing performance sets. He is an inherited calligrapher and fine artist. He finds various connections in each form of art and it reflects through his work.

Mazher Hassan: NCA

Mazher Hassan a student of Architecture at National College of Arts, Rawalpindi and is passionate about social integration, teamwork and business. With encouragement from his family, Mazher became Co-Founder and a CEO to Qizil Sons Private Company Limited in 2015. He also works as social reformer with various organizations at community level, such as Nagar Development Organization (NDO), Community Education Development Foundation Alumni Forum (CeDF), (CAF) etc.

Maryam Asghar: NUST

Maryam Asghar from National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad is a Digital artist with major in graphic design and currently becoming a Disaster manager. I chose this field to make my contribution in disaster risk reduction at community level. Being a passionate learner, LVS program is a great opportunity for me to implement all my theoretical knowledge into practical experience and to design different projects for risk reduction.

Ayesha Kamal:

Ayesha Kamal Bhatti is an Assistant Professor at the Multimedia Arts Department, School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Gujrat. She is an academician, practicing artist and a researcher who looks for creating visual anthropology in new media.

Sara Hashmi: University of Karachi

Sarah Hashmi is a fine artist, graduated from Visual studies department, Karachi University in 2014. She has been working as a public artist. She has exhibited her work in various galleries of Karachi. She performed at ‘Pursukun Karachi”. She was also a part of an open studio residency “Recorded time” at Koel art Gallery. Recently she has initiated a project “Stories around Jahangir restaurant”. Ten artists and writers collaborated and exhibited their works at an Irani restaurant, which was started in 1945 before Partition. Jahangir Restaurant is going to be sealed in June 2017.

Faryal Arif:

Faryal is a visual artist and a faculty of design at the Department of Visual studies,University of Karachi. Graduated as a Textile Designer from University of Karachi, she also holds her Masters in English Literature. Her interest involves in studying cultures, travelling, film and literature. She further aim to develop her research skills to revive crafts and make use of local indigenous products, through archiving, filming and documentation. She has participated in LVS ’14 and ’15 and ‘16, thoroughly enjoys the experience of working with like-minded people.

Hammna Jillani: LSE

A diligent Environmentalist and Blogger, MPhil scholar at Lahore School of Economics. It is my privilege that at LSE I get to see the environment through a diverse lens and now I aspire to use and apply the tactics I learnt from there on practical ground. LVS is a platform that will succor researchers to spend the energy in a focused yet atypical dimension. I’m joining the LVS 2017 with a motto that, I’d like to explore about the people, by the people.

Mrs.Saida Begum: LSE

I am Saida Begum from Shimshal Gojal Hunza. I am student of MPhil (Environmental science and Policy) in Lahore School of Economics. I am keen to explore some practices of the past that have been declining in most of the villages in Gojal for example Pastoralism practices, some culture and local festivals etc. I want to be a good leader to help the community in coming future.

Sidra Tabassum: NUST

Currently, I am pursuing my masters in Disaster management from Military College of Engineering, NUST (Risalpur campus). I am keenly interested and enthusiastic about tourism and knowledge of different culture and traditions, and local practices of daily-life at different places. My other interests include photography, reading, games, domestic inventions and home designs. My skills include GIS, AutoCAD, Primavera, SPSS, Field inspection and surveys etc.

Tahreem Hafeez Butt: LSE

I’m doing my M.Phil in environmental science and policy from Lahore School of economics, where I’ve done several ethnographic researches in Lahore and other nearby small cities. I’m interested in exploring about communities their cultures, lifestyles, consumption patterns and other unique processes attached to them.

Hadiya Amir: LSE

I am currently enrolled as an MPhil Environmental Sciences and Policy student at Lahore School of Economics. My prior aim is to promote research in the field of Environmental Sciences and do something for the benefit of my people. I love travelling and backpack hiking. I would rather like to be in calm mountains with sounds of nature than in a noisy city.

Zehra Munir:                                                                                                                                                 At 17 years of age, in the process of completing my A-Levels, I am very excited at the idea of stepping out of the confines of textbook-oriented education and being able to engage in a real-world research based educational experience at LVS.

Aqsa Khalid: LUMS

I am currently doing my bachelors in Computer Science from LUMS. My passion lies in understanding the areas that I visit either through its landscape, food, people or local music. As a MUNer/debater for almost 5-6 years, I have had ample experience in bringing forth resolutions to solve issues of environment, culture and security. I would be more than honored to share my experience with the fellow participants”



Fizza Batool: LSE

Fizza Batool is a Teaching and Research Fellow at the Lahore School of Economics. Her research interests include the study of urban environments and education. She continues to research various small towns of Punjab as well as school education in Lahore. She is an Assistant Editor of the Lahore Journal of Policy Studies.

Batool Ali:

Batool is Diploma, B2 Level in French. I am determined, confident, sociable, adventurous and love to travel. I have been part of LVS team since the beginning in 2014; from Hunza to Kashmir, Naran –Kaghan valley to Gulmit this year. Having researched in the past on transforming food culture in Hunza, indigenous herbal medicine in Neelum, impacts of tourism and sustainable development in Kaghan Valley, I aim to go with an open-mind and see what the field has to offer.


Zeeshan Ghani: NCA

Zeeshan Ghani is a 5th year student of Architecture Design at the National College of Arts. His thesis research is based on UNHCR shelters; to explore, experiment and design suitable shelters that respond to the psychological, social, religious and cultural requirements of a war-torn community.


Muhammad Hamza: LUMS

With the passion of teaching and aiding the underprivileged in our society, participating in LVS 2017 has been one of my top priorities lately. I’m currently pursuing Economics at Lahore University Of Management Sciences and am excited to indulge into the program LVS has to offer.

Daniyal Khyzer: UMT

Being the part of LVS for the last two years it gave me an opportunity to learn and experience about the culture, tradition and the other indigenous practices that people are still following and those, which are dying with time. LVS is one of the best means of learning and research about culture and traditions of our country.


Sarmad Shafiq

Sarmad is an architect and has graduated from National College of Arts with Distinction. He designed a tourist resort in Kashmir inspired of local building materials and techniques. Sarmad also helps manage the LVS and has been part of it since 2014.