ARA Theoria

ARA is an action – research organisation working at the intersections of culture – design – environment. It is invested in conducting cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, employs creative and participatory strategies and combines analysis and advocacy. It aims to conduct Research and Design in the sector of socio-economic, cultural development, heritage protection, management and preservation. This includes extensive engagement with social, cultural and natural environments to identify sustainable pathways. ARA provides research and consulting services on behalf of Laajverd and ARA theoria.

To conduct cutting edge research and knowledge practice for the enhancement of social justice, peace and community action. Our focus lies in educational and development projects ranging from sustainable development through arts and architecture, documenting and preserving cultural heritage and, working alongside local communities in their cultural and natural environments. Our interdisciplinary approach aims to identify correlations, interdependencies and potential synergies upon which we might speculate a shared future. Our geographic scope consists of but is not limited to fragile states; Prone/Post Disaster and Conflict Zones, Regional and Borderlands.

Links to ARA Theoria reports: Research and Outreach projects reports