Environmental Security and Ecological Interdependence

| By Suniya Taimoor

The workshop will outline the legislative provisions governing environmental security, primarily the Pakistan Environment Protection Act 1997, post devolution now the 2012 Act, and the subsequent impact of its application in Pakistan and with specific focus to the disconnect between economic development and environmental impacts in Naran Kaghan Valley. Focus is drawn specifically to the component of Environment Impact Assessment, its mandatory application and its disregard by the authority. The workshop will then move forward to discuss the component of climate change with its far reaching impacts in the region and the opportunities that are available to the authorities through International treaties, conventions and otherwise, such as the Clean Development Mechanism or the EU Emission trading system. The workshop includes three interactive sessions followed by a field-based assignment, which will allow the participants to use the knowledge gained through the presentation and discussion and apply it to Naran Kaghan Valley.