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    LVS 2015

    Simulating Tir’tha

    Consumption of natural resources that is faster than it can be replenished results in depletion of the natural environment. Contemporary global challenges are laden with issues of natural resource availability and its management. Neelum District in Kashmir has a beautiful valley that not only attracts tourists but also houses indigenous settlements along with an ancient temple ruins. This valley is located at the Line of control (Loc) and is also divided by it. There are amplified pressures on the natural environment of this area due to population and increased tourism, excessive deforestation as well as dependency of livelihoods. This influx of foreigners who are not local to the land also affects the indigenous cultural archive. The cultural archive is embedded in the local practices, folklore traditions and customs for which the school will work closely with the indigenous people.

    Laajverd Visiting School aims to investigate and put forth creative propositions for conserving indigenous culture, suggest alternate livelihoods and promote methods of conserving the environment focusing on reading form language, audio-visual cultural uplifting, eco- tourism and environmental security among other issues.


    LVS 2015 has been covered by IBEX magazine. Click here to see our interview.

    Outreach Program

    Laajverd Visiting School  is an initiative to engage bachelor students and mid career professionals in rigorous field research. This encourages them to critically analyze the culture, environment and people of that area. This helps them reflect upon their own position in an increasingly urbanized and globalized world while understanding the challenges faced by local cultures and traditions. For the locals, we try to make them aware of their environment and also do on-site impromptu workshops in areas where we can assist them. The LVS believes in a two-way learning model where the locals and visiting participants are engaged in a healthy dialogue of learning, understanding and sharing knowledge for a better future. Following are some activities done under the LVS outreach program

    – Design Workshop for local girls

    – Local Tourguides

    – Cleanliness Drive

    – Museum Uplifting in Janawai