Academy for Democracy

    LVS 2014

    In 2014, the crises being visited is situated in Hunza Valley, where a landslide occurred in 2010 blocking the river resulted in the formation of Attabad lake. Along with several villages, a 35km long chunk of the Karakoram highway has been flooded due to the lake and has disrupted the only transport link between China and the south Asian countries (Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan) and China’s link to the warm waters. Furthermore, it has adversely effected the local populations popular source of income i.e. tourism. These events bring together a set of agencies, networks and economies that are assembled to contain chaos and normalize movement and life in and across the valley.This research taps into crises as a spatial and social condition, the acceleration of transformation of landscape and the position of built environment. It analyses the situation at different levels of transformation, the immediate, the on-going and the emerging contemporary landscape.


    Laajverd Visiting School while conducting various workshops, also initiated projects led by participants and experts. These projects are based on the group’s ten day tours, research, observation and analysis. Taking Attabad event as the main focus, projects traced out transformations in indigenous cultures, handicrafts, farming patterns, pastoral lands, local food produce and living patterns. Most of the projects have set forth positive propositions for further development.

    Projects were presented at the Amin Khan House in Altit Fort Gardens on 30.08.14 at 1400 hours and was attended by members of AKCSP, member of the Regional Council in Hunza and the local people.

    The researches and projects conducted are as follows,

    Sharma; Indigenous carpet making in Hunza

    Me besan Shechan [What do we eat ?]

    Resettling the IDP’s of Attabad

    60% ; Apricot production and industry in Hunza

    Rethinking the Attabad shores

    Agricultural improvements and farming methods in Hunza

    Death of the Craft & Wood Design workshop with CIQAM

    Impacts of Attabad Lake on Livestock

    Territorial Re-arrangements; Attabad Lake, a potential border

    An obseravtion on the IDP shelters