1.Batool Ali

I am an FA- Part 2 students have in interest in knowing more about communities and the several processes attached to them. I was part of LVS 2014 in which my project looked at local food and recipes and transformation in these due to Chinese products. This year I am interested in researching on herbal plants and traditional medicinal culture.


2.Faryal Arif

Faryal is a visual artist and a faculty of design at the Department of Visual studies,University of Karachi.

Graduated as a Textile Designer from University of Karachi, she also holds her Masters in English Literature. Her interest involves in studying cultures, travelling ,film and literature. She further aim to develop her research skills to revive crafts and make use of local indigenous products,through archiving,filming and documentation.She has participated in LVS ’14 and ’15 and thoroughly enjoys the experience of working with like minded people.


3.Nida Akhlauq:

I have finished my 4th year of architecture at Comsats,Islamabad.I am a book lover,reads alot particularly about history of architecture and biographies.Love to travel,and explore.I have been interested in heritage preservation,cultural studies and indigenous ways of construction.I look forward to enhance my skills in this year’s workshop.


4.Ayesha Kamal Bhatti:

Ayesha Kamal Bhatti: Assistant Professor, Multimedia Arts Department, Focal Person M Phil Program, School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Gujrat. For the last ten years, Ayesha Kamal Bhatti has pursued the career of an academician, first, at National College of Arts, Lahore and then at the University of Gujrat in the fields of Film making, Animation and Art Theory. Being a part of Puppeteers NCA, Laetaan Productions, Value TV and an instructor for French, Theatre and Puppetry at the Kids Club, along with various other ventures and projects, she has explored stage as a medium and entertainment as an art for the past fourteen years.


5.Fahad Awan:

I’m a Junior at Lahore University of Management Sciences.  As a public speaker for the past 7 years, who has participated in conferences nationally and internationally, on multidisplinary issues, i am really excited to see the concept of the Academy for Democracy to unfold. I hope i can do justice to the program by replicating what i learn during the Academy and disseminating that information wherever i can.

6.Hira Zuberi:

Graduated in 2013 with a B.Arch from Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture (IVS), I am currently working as an architect at Arshad Shahid Abdulla (ASA) in Karachi and as adjunct faculty at IVS, conducting a series of workshops for foundation year students, titled City Orientation.


7. Sabeen Duranni

I am an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake, or situation that I am presented with. I graduated as an architect from National College of Arts Lahore. Architecture fascinates me with a desire to explore how science, technology and arts can be used to improve the performance of a space both socially and environmentally. Currently, I am working as a lecturer at the department of architecture at BUITEMS Quetta. My interests are traveling, reading, photography and music.


8. Saba Mehmood:

I am a recent graduate of B. Arch. from NCA. I foresee a future for myself as a Humanitarian Architect focusing on settlement of internal and external displaced migrants from natural and man-made crisis. I am a goal oriented, inquisitive and an easy going person. I am excited to widen my intellect and knowledge through investigating factors for resettlement of IDPs.


09. Anum Khattak:

I am an Architectural Design graduate from Indus Valley School of Arts & Architecture (Class of 2013). I have been working in the design industry as an architect & on voluntary basis with Elaj Trust. I look forward to exploring the on-ground culture & realities of communities in Upper North for development through an informed design approach.


10. Maheera Ali 

I am a thesis year student in Painting at the National College of Arts in Rawalpindi and I aim to explore the arts as a medium of creative education.


11. Usman Malik, National College of Arts Rawalpindi Campus


12. Aleem Raza, Media student Riphah University


13. Qasim Ali, Media student Riphah University