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    Outreach Program

    Laajverd Visiting School  is an initiative to engage bachelor students and mid career professionals in rigorous field research. This encourages them to critically analyze the culture, environment and people of that area. This helps them reflect upon their own position in an increasingly urbanized and globalized world while understanding the challenges faced by local cultures and traditions. For the locals, we try to make them aware of their environment and also do on-site impromptu workshops in areas where we can assist them. The LVS believes in a two-way learning model where the locals and visiting participants are engaged in a healthy dialogue of learning, understanding and sharing knowledge for a better future. Following are some activities done under the LVS outreach program

    – Design Workshop for local girls

    – Local Tourguides

    – Cleanliness Drive

    – Museum Uplifting in Janawai  


    Cleanliness Drive

     Cleanliness Drive

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    During the time in Kel, LVS team (Abdullah Aslam & Zahra Hussain) noticed an abundance of garbage on the streets of Kel Bazaar. Abdullah Aslam discussed to arrange Cleanliness Drive. With the help and support of HWF, LVS team prepared a mascot, gathered plastic gloves and garbage bags and distributed these to school children and set out to clean the 4km long strip of Kel Bazaar. The mascot was well played by Fuaad Firoz who caught the attention and interest of children throughout the cleanliness drive. Sarmad provided children with polythene hand gloves and trash bags to collect the garbage. This activity got the interest of many locals who joined this cleanliness drive. The shopkeepers were advised to vocally discourage littering and take care of cleanliness outside their shops. The SHO of Shardah Police was also present on this occasion and appreciated the activity. At the end of the cleanliness drive, the head of Anjuman-e-Tajiraan announced that baskets will placed in the bazaar and in front of the shops.

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