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    IPPC (Indigenous Practices & Patterns Catalog)

    Indigenous Practices and Patterns Catalog

    The depletion of natural resources has far reaching consequences if sustainable environmental management are not revived or exercised by rural and urban settlements. Situated in the South of Asia, Pakistan’s major issues consist of deforestation, waste management systems, clean water availability and degradation of local culture and heritage due to unhealthy approach to development. Sustainable environmental management needs to be contextualized in light of the local indigenous knowledge systems, as the western scientific model, which is predominant in such literature, is not always fit for this region. The local realities and situations are quite regional when it comes to indigenous management of natural resources that give rise to cultural practices, living patterns and the tangible and intangible heritage of a region. Indigenous practices and Patterns Catalog aims to document and archive these practices and patterns that have developed over decades and are undergoing fast-transformations due to development pressures. Not only will this catalog will serve as a repository of information and insight into the everyday life of regions and their relationship with land, but also highlight food and craft practices. This information can be used as a knowledge base for other organizations who plan to design and implement projects in that particular region.

    Editor: Zahra Hussain

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    IPPC 2017

    Gojal Valley | Gulmit, Ghulkin and Hussaini


    In 2017, LVS research aimed to map the cultural practices and living patterns of inhabitants that have developed over time in Gojal Valley. For the Audio Visual Cultures workshop, the field research was carried out on land, animals, plants, water, etc which ultimately lead to listing apx 90 practices and 150 built environment patterns. This in order to archive the practices, and use the patterns in innovate ways in contemporary design and construction.

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    Editor: Zahra Hussain

    Research Assistants Catalog 2017:

    Zeeshan Ghani, Fatiha Hamid, Batool Ali, Faryal Arif, Danial Khyzer, Hassan Ali, Sarmad, Mazhar Hasan, Faryal Ali, Khadija Sial

    The workshops on Audio Visual Culture and Built Environment focused on documenting practices and patterns of indigenous people in order to archive them and to build a knowledge repository for future development in the area. The catalog will act as a knowledge base for anyone who wishes to intervene in the area with regard to architecture, tourism or cultural development. IPPC is a regular feature of LVS and will be available online and in print version.